5 Minute Mogul Review

I’m pretty excited about Kimball Roundy’s new program so I figured I better do my own 5 Minute Mogul review.

Basically, the 5 minute mogul is a free/paid opportunity to capture your own leads and build several different income streams on auto-pilot.  Everything is set up along the lines of the popular board game Monopoly.  I thought this was a pretty cool idea right from the start.  Free members come into the system via a very high converting lead capture system that is part of the free experience.  It is possible for free members to promote the opportunity and qualify for all commission levels without buying into the system themselves.  There will be a huge amount of people that sign up and do absolutely nothing because the program is free.  This is the nature of the business and you just keep putting people through the system and let the system filter out tire kickers.

The 5 Minute Mogul Review – How to upgrade and explode your earnings

Now  for those of us who see a great opportunity to create passive income and are not afraid to invest some cash to get there, here’s where the 5 Minute Mogul system rocks!  The first upgrade is GVO and their Host Then Profit suite of tools.  This one upgrade alone is enough to build an entire business model around.  You can ask Stone Evans, Russell Brunson, and the host of other big dogs that promote it.

Through the 5 Minute Mogul system you can get started for $1.00 and then it’s only $10.00 a month.  This is for hosting, an autoresponder, and tons of other tools.  Heck it cost me 3 times this amount for my old host and Aweber!

Next comes the 3 levels of membership within the system which are apprentice, industrialist, and tycoon.  each level represents new training, a new level of accomplishment, and of course more earnings.  The compensation plan is completely over the top.  To get the compensation details watch this video as it’s much better at explaining the details…

Hopefully that video pumped you up!  Along with all these income streams there are still a few more…yes I said more!  Upgraded members can also promote their own opportunities, clickbank products, affiliate programs etc.  There are a number of great tools that I personally use that also allow you to earn commissions.  Most of these products were purchased from upline recommendations which is essentially the same thing we’re doing here.  You can also promote another opportunity or even a product you’ve created.

Basically, the 5 Minute Mogul system teaches you how to create a marketing funnel complete with upsells which is exactly what smart marketers should be doing anyway.  Kimball is just helping you get the ball rolling with the 5 Minute Mogul system.

If you would like to team up with me I would love to have you on my team.  I am a full all-in tycoon member with access to Kimball himself.  I support my team 100%


To Your Success,

James Spindlow

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